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Inca Trail New Season

The Inca Trail, is one of the most famous trails in the world, this activity lasts 4 days, many travel agencies offer them on their website, but there are really few operating agencies, for which a permit is needed , this permission is provided by the ministry of culture and the sernanp. Peruvian state institutions in charge of the Machu Picchu National Park.

Trail to Machu Picchu, has a capacity of 500 people daily, including tourists, porters and tour guides, this trail is open from march to january, the month of february is closed to maintain the camps and the road, for a new season , if you want to walk here you have to make a reservation months in advance, this trail is in high demand for walkers

make a reservation of the trail with an authorized travel agency, it is safe, good price and quality of service, the Inca Trail is a challenge for the mind and body, the 4 days are magical, the landscape is unique, here the trail it passes through valleys, ravines and peaks, on the way you can visit perfectly preserved archaeological groups.

walking on this path is the best thing a person can do in his life, walk this ancestral path, built by people of a great civilization, this path formerly crossed the entire country connecting very important cities, currently the Inca trail in the city Cusco is located within the National Park of Machu Picchu, and for that reason very famous in the world