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Moray – Maras Salt Mines – Full Day Tour

moray  maras salt mines. It is an archeological site in Peru, approximately 50 kilometers west of Cusco on a high plateau about 3,500 meters and west of the city of Maras. The site contains unusual Inca constructions. Most consist of stepped circular terraces, the largest of which is approximately 30 m deep. Like many other Inca sites, it also has an irrigation system. The purpose of these constructions is uncertain, but their depth, design and orientation with respect to wind and sun creates a temperature difference of up to 15 ° C (27 ° F) between the top and bottom, moray maras salt mines. They are 40 kilometers from Cusco and very close to the sacred valley. These mines have been exploited since pre-inca times and consist of about 3,000 wells. Managed by the same population, once the water evaporates, the salt is ready to be treated and consumed by the local population and also the medicinal salt that is promoted for visitors.

moray maras salt mines, natural attraction, to enjoy with the family as well as the surrounding landscape, this tour is very quiet and recommended for all people.

Useful Information.

  • Starting place – Cusco
  • Places to Visit – Moray, & Salt Mines.
  • Altitude of the tour – 3,400  / 3,800
  • Means of transport – Bus / on foot
  • Places to visit – Archaeological group & community
  • Number of days – half day
  • Temperature – Day – 18 C °
  • Night – 07 C °
  • General difficulty – Moderate

DEPARTURES: Daily: 09:00 to 15:00.p.m



Moray: Located at 3450 m.s.n.m. We find the agricultural terraces of Moray with its complex irrigation system. These terraces served as a natural green house to grow an extraordinary variety of microclimates for growing agricultural products, it has also been suggested that they had a cosmological significance.

Maras: is a small town that still retains much of its colonial architectural beauty. You can see the impressive facades of fine stone lintels with sculptures in low relief.

Mines Salt: northeast of Maras are the “Minas de Sal”, which consist of 3,000 small pool about 5 square meters (53.8 sq ft) in size. Every three days during the dry season, workers fill the pools with salt water that comes from natural springs at the top of this resort, and when the water evaporates from the pool, the salt is formed, which collects people area. This process is conducted for a period of one month to the pools reach a volume of solid salt of 10 centimeters (4 inches) high. The salt is ground, treated with iodine, and packaged and sent to the various markets in the region.


Our service includes:

  •  Professional guide service
  •  Transport Tourist Bus

is not included:

  • Turist tickets (Foreigners 130, Peruvian 70 soles)
  • Entrance tickets (salt mines 15 soles)
  • Extra spences
  • Tips.

What to Bring

What to bring?

  •  Warm clothes,
  •  Hat or cap for sun protection, rain or cold
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Extra money for lunch
  •  Snack: biscuits, energy bars, chocolate, etc.
  •  Water bottle


Price: Season 2020

Shared Service:

  • Price per person U$. 40.00
  • The approximate group is 25 people

Private & Personalized Service:

  • Price per person U$ .120.00
  • Minimum people 02 pax


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