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About Pacha Expeditions

Pacha Expeditions Travel Peru.

About Pacha Expeditions Travel Peru. We are 100%. Local company. Based in the same city, it was started by JAVIER MENDOZA ZARATE: Professional guide in tourism, with much experience in the Inca trail and adventure tourism, our objective is to provide a quality and personalized service, we organize trips and excursions with genuine and unforgettable experiences In the Andes (Cusco-Perú)

Due to our location, we organize a great variety of tours, trekking to the wonder of the World Machu Picchu, We also specialize in tourist programs throughout Peru. We have the advantage, because we are in a megadiverse country and a city as beautiful as Cusco. We are ambassadors of our culture and country. (Pacha Expeditions Travel Peru)

We are operators of sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is an industry committed to making a low impact on the local environment and culture, while contributing to generate income and employment for the local population.

Solidarity tourism is understood as a way of traveling that is based on the respect of the travelers to the people and places that are visited through a deeper approach to the reality of the country and a positive cultural exchange between both parties.

In the organization of all our tours, we incorporate the universal principle of tourism; Protect the environment and benefit the local community and its culture. That’s why: Pacha Expeditions. Generates work for local people; Porters, cooks, Horseman, Guides. We provide educational support to children in communities.


Seven years ago I embarked on this adventure, that of setting up a different Travel Agency. Convinced that tourism represents a means of union and understanding between different peoples and cultures, from Pacha Expeditions. We are committed to the principles of Responsible Tourism as the best way to travel. about pacha expeditions.

Preservation of the Environment

The beauty and diversity of Peru is impressive – we want to keep it …
In all our tours, we have a cleaning policy that must be respected by all our employees and tourists, not messing places to visit.
Use of fuel suitable for the preparation of our food and not damage the environment.
We guarantee the proper use of pollutants to keep rivers, ponds and nature clean in general.
Prohibit afforestation – fires and deter others from doing so
Avoid activities that threaten wildlife, or that may be potentially harmful to our natural environment


ABOUT PACHA EXPEDITIONS, Company committed to social assistance and work opportunities for local people and thus ensuring the benefit of tourism for all and not only for a social class, the help it offers: Pacha Expeditions, is a communities away Of the city of Cusco where we carry out different campaigns for children and adults.

We work throughout the year and part of our savings are allocated to take this assistance to the communities and to provide support in Education, Health, Infrastructure ( Javier Mendoza Zarate, Guide and Manager of the Company: Pacha Expeditions ) thank you for your confidence in our project.

Help Helping.