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Why Pacha Expeditions


Pacha Expeditions: Are a company with new ideas to organize tours and adventure travel and change the way you work generally for a real sustainable and responsible tourism development, we organize customized tours for families, honeymoon travel and friends.

Our experiences are unique offer personalized service, we comply with our program offerings, our work is guaranteed and recommended. We make your unforgettable journey and a nice experience in Peru after visiting the wonder of the world Machu Picchu.

PACHA EXPEDITIONS , tour operators are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of our country. We are a 100% Local people working with professionals, experienced guides, cooks, porters and all our staff in general, create job opportunities in our city and contribute to the community with our social project.

And most important of our work to protect nature (Mother Earth) our work is based on the following motto:

 “Enjoy the Magic of the Andes”

We opérate: Our own programs, we have a highly qualified for the job, provide a private and personalized service in good standing. Our tours are designed for the discerning tourist we have equipment suitable for each zone camp, because the Andes offers a variety of climates and microclimates.

Our Guides: Are professionals educated at the University of Cusco and institutes which have as their native language, Quechua and Spanish and for the work to speak English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese… etc…

Our cooksAre professionals with gastronomy studies in institutes of the city and receive training annually as culinary Peru and South America is revolutionizing the world.

Our food: It is varied and rich in quantity and quality and use products from our region and often the places where it operates, Pacha Expeditions Travel Peru.

During our trips offer, varied breakfasts, exquisite lunches and dinners with nutritious procuctos the Pachamama gives us, and so our tourists enjoy the local cuisine.

The Support Staff: Are people in the areas where it operates Pacha Expeditions Travel Peru., And provide job opportunities, and support for children in school age and adult people

Our Camping Equipment: We have a team right camp for every age and different geographical areas of our Andes, sleeping bags, feather and synthetic, inflatable mattresses.

We Develop a Job: Responsible and sustainable alternative routes and the Inca Trail, for future generations.